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April 07 2006
One new member.

February 08 2006
One new member.

December 06 2005
No new members recently.

October 16 2005
One new member.

July 18 2005
Three new members and four new codes added.

June 2 2005
Five new members and three new affiliates. A few new codes should be coming shortly.

March 25 2005
One new member, welcome Grace!

February 2nd 2005
No new members recently.

September 23rd 2004
One new member, and a new layout! If the 800x600 resolution page doesn't look like it's supposed to, please tell me. Any errors you see, actually, please drop me a line. Merci beaucoup.

July 19th 2004
One new member, welcome Meghan! New layout... eventually.

May 21st 2004
No new members recently. New layout soon.

November 7th 2003
One new member, welcome Princess Naberrie!
The rules have also been changed slightly.

October 16th 2003
Added one new member - welcome Andé!

October 11th 2003
Changed one member's info, and added one new member

August 26th 2003
Welcome to our sixth member, Diana!

August 17th 2003
One new member, welcome Rachael!

August 8th 2003
One new member. Welcome webhandmaiden!

August 7th 2003
One new member, welcome Brynn!

August 6th 2003
One new member. Welcome Larena!

Hi, this is the new webmiss, Abby. Thank you very much to Larena for entrusting me with this site! I hope I'm able to take care of this site as well as she did. :)